The conference participants were excited and deeply motivated by the information you delivered to them. They were very enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive in their comments concerning the session…

Dr. Tyna D. Davis
Manager, Education Policy & Professional Practice, Alabama Education Association

Leadership Development for Educators does a masterful job of providing a concise framework for educators to follow in their quest to provide each student a quality education. I have attended literally hundreds of meetings, many ending in complete chaos, addressing my three special needs children. I will never again engage in an "out of control" meeting. I now have a tool to present to the educational team thanks to this great book.

Sharon Edelen
Parent of three children in public school with special needs.

  • The concept is incredibly important. I believe that building leadership capacity at all levels of school districts is essential if we are to solve our problems of practice and focus on continuous improvement.
  • The approach in the book that includes a mixture of concrete activities and literature and research is effective. The mixture makes the book useful for beginners as well as for those experienced in leadership challenges.
  • Your rubric for Levels 1 through 4 of leadership is very clear and useful. I would love to use it with principals at some point as they think about developing leadership capacity in their teachers.
  • I appreciate your Appendix B. I am not sure I have ever seen such a concise collection of the diversity of leadership literature. I also appreciate your summary of the “Ten Leadership Theories” in chapter 5.
  • I can see using this book in the leadership training we give to our instructional coaches, our instructional leaders, our teachers on special assignment and our teachers who aspire to be administrators. Again, the mix of the concrete activities with the theory which is concisely summarized is what makes the book useful as a training tool.

Dr. Cynthia M. Stevenson
Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado

  • "The words ‘teacher’ and ‘leadership’ should be synonymous. Finally, a book to advocate and advance the practice of leadership by teachers”
  • “By following the approaches in this book, teachers will achieve superior results in the classroom, in their school, and in their lives in the greater community!"

Diane Anderson
Public School Teacher and Principal

Leadership and Educators acknowledges the key leadership role that librarians play in working with teachers and students in schools. This book could help all librarians increase their ability to assist in a quality learning experience.

Nancy Bolt
former State Librarian

  • I was initially struck by the simplicity of the model. It resonates with both my studies in leadership and my personal experiences in the classroom and as a school and district leader.
  • I found the book was profound in that it really anchored my thinking and had direct application to many conversations in which I was engaged, both personally and professionally.
  • As I discussed the premise of teacher leaders with my colleagues, it became quite clear that we do indeed need teacher leaders if we are to truly reform American education and that this work is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Teachers and those supporting them will need to be bold risk-takers as they engage in the practices informed by the learning activities so well incorporated in this book.
  • This book is both a call to action for anyone who wants to contribute to improving educational systems and a practical manual for doing just that.
  • What a great resource for organizing and synthesizing all the excellent work out there on leadership – love the Appendix!

Ginger Hopkins
Vice-President, Northwest Evaluation Association, a public school teacher and administrator for 20 years

My more than 30 years of teaching a wide variety of subjects to an extremely diverse collection of students have taught me that the single most valuable trait I can hope to instill in my students is self-confidence. In my experience, the most efficient way to build self-confidence is by teaching leadership skills. The authors of Leadership Development for Educators rightfully identify the crucial role leadership skills can play in effective teaching, and expose the sad reality that the teaching of such skills is largely ignored in the training of young teachers. This unique and insightful book is worthy of the time and attention of everyone who cares about education in this country.”

Betty J. Ross
Public School Teacher for the past 23 years at Powell Middle School, Littleton, Colorado
Lenski Elementary School, Littleton, Colorado (1 year)
South High School, Salt Lake City, Utah (5 years)
Grant Junior High School, Littleton, Colorado (4 years)
Midvale Junior High School, Midvale, Utah (3 years)

“What a good book to recommend to teachers or principals to pass along to their staff. I really enjoyed your book and what a great time to promote it as the nation is moving toward quality teacher leaders.”

Joann Lang
National Institute for School Leadership, former Assistant Superintendent, Tyrone Area School District