Leadership Training

Provided through our nonprofit organization, THE LEEEGH, we provide classroom training in leadership development for teachers, that can be used for recertification and professional development credits for teachers. We also provide workshops, keynote addresses, pre- and post-conference training programs for both principals and teachers in leadership development.

Soon we will be offering elearning modules. We can also custom build both in classroom and elearning modules for your school district or charter or private school to meet your specific needs.

For the Alabama Education Association, we are providing three professional development workshops:

Teachers Are Leaders vs. Teachers As Leaders:

Learn how to improve being a real leader in the classroom and the school, not just acting as a leader in front of the students and teachers. This session will help you develop well rounded leadership skills that will help you in the classroom and the school, in working with parents, in mentoring and being mentored by fellow teachers and administrators, and make you more a more effective voice in your school. This session will also show you how to get more done in less time using proven techniques of effective leaders in the areas of time management and the art and science of delegation.

Leadership Styles of Teachers and School Administrators:

Excellent leaders are able to use different leadership styles to deal with different types of situations. This session will help you identify the leadership styles you use most often and show you how using and mastering other leadership styles can make you more effective in different types of situations.

Improving Student Outcomes Through Leadership

Today’s main focus in education is improving student outcomes. This session will show how improving your leadership skills will improve your ability to motivate others, improve discipline in your school, help others set and achieve academic goals, and effectively hold others accountable for their academic performance. This session will also show you how to improve your reputation as a teacher or school administrator and get more respect and cooperation from everyone with whom you work and interact.