About Us

THE LEEEGH stands for Leadership in Education, Energy, Environment, Governance and Health. We have written the book on leadership for teachers and we provide training programs for teachers who want to become better leaders in their classrooms, in their lives, in the eyes of their students and their parents, and in being able to deal more effectively with school administration. This training program is specifically designed for teachers in K-12 schools and includes relevant information for:

  • public schools
  • school districts
  • private schools
  • charter schools
  • religious schools
  • overseas schools
  • online schools
  • military academies
  • special education oriented schools
  • schools for children with learning differences

Our Mission:

“Our mission is to improve educational outcomes, in the 21st century, through teacher, staff and principal professional development.”

Our Vision:

“Improve education globally through research, practice, and innovative professional development.”

We provide the training and perform a rigorous analysis of the results of our training. For more information about our book and our training, click here.

The Alabama Education Association has hired THE LEEEGH to give three workshops in March, 2011, in Birmingham, on its professional development day for teachers. The three workshops presented by Herb Rubenstein are: Teachers Are Leaders vs. Teachers As Leaders; Leadership Styles for Teachers; and, Improving Student Outcomes by Improving Your Leadership Ability. For more information on the Alabama Education Association, click here. For more information about how your school, school district, State Education Agency, State Education Association, or organization involved in improving our 3.7 million PreK-12 teachers in America, contact Herb Rubenstein at 347.916.1317 or by email at herb@sbizgroup.com.